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Pull up a chair, grab a pen, and get ready to think different about your role in the future of work.

Nancy Lyons standing with Michelle Obama, First Lady

With a little bit of humor and a lot of chutzpah, Nancy’s writing highlights her thoughts on business, accountability, change, and building better workplaces where all people feel like they have a place (that’s the dreamer in her).

Work Like a Boss

Work Like a Boss book cover

Real power doesn’t come with a title, a promotion, or managing a team. It comes from a sense of ownership and accountability that you bring to the office every day. 

With decades of skill developing award-winning people-centered work cultures, Nancy dishes out tough-love advice on what’s really essential at work:

  • Identifying and using better mindsets and practices
  • Bringing your best self even when it’s difficult 
  • Overcoming your bad communication habits
  • Owning your sh*t
Jon Sherk, VP and Deputy General Counsel at Amway

I have read so many management books over the years, but Work Like a Boss is far more liberating and empowering than anything I have read in this genre."

Interactive Project Management

Interactive Project Management book cover

Someone had to demystify technology and demonstrate that a people-centered process is the way to create great digital products.

In doing so, Nancy and co-author Meghan charted a new, more transparent, way to tackle collaboration.

Marian, Amazon reviewer

This is not your typical project management read; the ideas are well-presented and while non-traditional in practical application, are universally applicable conceptually."