Nancy Lyons is a CEO, entrepreneur, and all around good human who speaks about the intersection of leadership, entrepreneurialism, technology, and people. Through her candid writing and speaking, she explores the many facets of life at work and champions human-centered approaches to business. Seeing work and the culture of work as the next economic frontier, she pushes the progressive boundaries of how we think about our professional and personal lives.

interactive project management

Co-authored by Nancy, the book is a helpful, accessible guide to getting digital projects done well and done collaboratively. And it has 4.7 stars on Amazon!

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A commanding and energetic speaker, Nancy is as comfortable keynoting as she is in small-group conversation. She speaks to a range of audiences from marketing and Human Resources executives to designers and technologists. Notable past speaking engagements include The White House, the 2015 UK Digital Project Management Summit, and the Nonprofit Technology & Communications Conference.

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Preparing Your Business For The Future

- I was asked recently to speak about how businesses should prepare for the future. That’s a pretty big ask, but I did what I could. I focused on what seems most true and meaningful to me: people. My advice falls across the board — but it all comes back to one truth. The quality of the humans... Read more »

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