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Don’t just show up.

Show up different.

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Yes, it is about you

Everything that works about an organization comes down to the people who make it happen—their mindset, their values, their behavior. It’s the same story when something isn’t working.

Process stays the same because “that’s how we’ve always done it.”

Teams get stuck in old habits.

Innovation gets stunted, because no one wants to speak up and rock the boat.

Passion for work fades away, because the bare minimum means just showing up.

Yet, we all want more.

Innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication. Everything companies—and people—want from their work cultures hinges on humans showing up with mindsets that aren’t like the old ways.

If we want things to change, we have to

Show up and

do that work

Nancy can help

As a business owner, Nancy has been in the trenches and knows change is no easy task. As a keynote speaker, she activates people and teams to bust through the way things have always been so we can:

Show up more human
Show up for each other
Show up as better versions of ourselves
And show up to create the future of work we all want.

Her challenge to the world? Watch what happens when you show up different.

Andrea Walsh, CEO, HealthPartners

In what’s been a particularly challenging time for leaders, Nancy’s message was relevant, encouraging, and  filled with hope.

Audience survey feedback

Nancy was fabulous! She was high-energy, fast-paced, funny, forthrightly honest, personal, and had excellent advice.

Audience survey feedback

Nancy is such an engaging speaker. Her topic was so relevant and really resonated with me. Her direct approach and energy was very much welcomed.