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Talk # 1

Digital Transformation Isn't Digital After All

Businesses want to keep up, innovate, and optimize. They want to be creative and efficient, they want to create more with less. They want digital transformation. But leveraging the immense changes and the vast opportunities that the digital era ushered in doesn’t start with digital at all. It’s about people: changing outdated mindsets, behaviors, and processes.

In “Digital Transformation Isn’t Digital After All,” Nancy shares how organizations can tackle these changes. She’ll explore how to build a case for a people-first approach and drive real transformation to achieve a digital culture.

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Talk # 2

There’s No Such Thing As Work/Life Balance (It’s all LIFE!)

Culture is deliberate: You have to build it just like you build your business. Yet most organizations spend more time on their story and business strategy than they spend thinking about building a culture in a way that best supports their people.

In this talk Nancy discusses how to build a values-driven culture that promotes whole life balance and emphasizes work ethic and business thinking.

Talk # 3

Being an Employee and Thinking Like a CEO

Intrapreneurs are invaluable to business today: they enable innovation, grow bottom lines, and introduce new perspectives to established companies. But more than anything, they bring an energy that benefits workplaces. They think independently, take initiative, exhibit ownership, accept their role as leaders, and make decisions.

In this session, Nancy speaks to the core attributes of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurs and discusses how, and why, to bring these characteristics into your daily work.

Talk # 4

Cultivating a Human-centered Culture

We can’t expect people to leave their personal lives or feelings at the door when they come to work, so let’s not try. Instead, a work culture should welcome and connect life and work, personal and professional. This kind of culture, centered around people — and whole selves — has to be created deliberately and enacted across every level of an organization.

In this conversation, Nancy explores how teams, companies, and employees can cultivate a workplace that feels good.

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Talk # 5

Good News and Bad News at the Same Velocity

Business is full of conversations: celebratory ones, hard ones, high-stake ones, and game-changing ones. And yet, we still have a tendency to be afraid of (and bad at) the tough conversations, so we shy away from them or put them off. But these tough ones are often the discussions that are most critical for business and partnership success.

In this talk, Nancy discusses the importance of creating a culture of open communication, how to make space for the discomfort that comes with learning how to talk through bad news, and the ways that individuals and organizations can grow into truth tellers.

Talk # 6

Millennials: The Exotic Birds That We Keep Feeding, But Shouldn't

Lately, there’s been a lot of attention paid to Millennials. Companies want to reach them, connect with them, sell to them, hire them, and retain them. But is cracking the Millennial code the real solution?

In this talk, Nancy explores how to connect work culture today with Millennial expectations. In reality, they’re asking questions that we should all be asking about work. How is work going to change to accommodate the ways we’re evolving as people? How is work going to accommodate the changes introduced through our rapidly developing technology? How is work going to meet us where we are now and where we’re going?

Talk # 7

Workplace Culture for Gen Z to Baby Boomers and Everyone in Between

Workplaces today are comprised of multiple generations in positions throughout every level of the organization. And the mix will only increase in the upcoming years. What attracts Millennials and Gen Z to workplaces? What motivates them and what should organizations be doing to attract them? Conversely, what do experienced employees need and want from companies?

In this talk, Nancy explores how to address the generational gaps — from both an individual and organizational perspective. She’ll discuss company culture and values, understanding work styles and preferences, and the importance of discovering what drives people to excel in their careers.

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Talk # 8

Business at Warp Speed

The digital landscape changes rapidly. This forces business to adapt and evolve simultaneously. Likewise, people’s behaviors and expectations shift, creating new ways for businesses to interact with their audiences.

In this presentation, Nancy discusses the challenges and opportunities companies have in this new digital space and how to think about and plan for software that will never be ‘done’.

Talk # 9

Everyday Innovation

Innovation is necessary to grow and evolve our businesses, no matter the size. But knowing exactly what that means in a digital landscape that moves quickly can be a challenge. Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean cutting-edge marketing campaigns or first-to-market product advancements. In fact, real innovation can happen in smaller, incremental ways. It happens when we think differently and embrace a work culture that makes room for trying new things and when we empower people to experiment, learn, be curious, and, at times, fail.

In truth, radical innovation starts with people. In this talk, Nancy shares how to cultivate that thinking and that culture across an organization, sharing pragmatic ways to cultivate innovation in your organization.

Talk # 10

Technology, Trust, and Transparency

Technology has changed the way we work by changing the very nature of what we communicate. It’s blurring the line between our personal and professional selves and changing our expectations of each other and our organizations.

Each company’s story is more than a mission statement, business objective, or an annual report. In this talk Nancy explores how to blend individual and organizational stories and why it’s crucial to success in the digital age.

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