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Closing the Office on Election Day

I recently made the decision to close on Election Day. I chose to give our ~55 person staff that time to not only vote, but help others vote, too. It was an easy decision for me, one that reflects the values I bring to work every day and the values our company lives out. I… Read more »

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Technology Doesn’t Control You; You Control Technology

It feels like the theme of battling “tech addiction” is gaining momentum right now. It’s a logical, and emotional, reaction to the ways in which technology has impacted our lives. How do we, as a culture, prevent technology from being the boss of us and how do we, personally, take back control?

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Go To Work Like an 11 Year Old

Resiliency is just something my son possesses. I encourage it, validate it, and praise him for it. But every time I see it in him I can’t help but think that resiliency just isn’t something that most adults possess, at least not like that, and yet we should.

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Preparing Your Business For The Future

I was asked recently to speak about how businesses should prepare for the future. That’s a pretty big ask, but I did what I could. I focused on what seems most true and meaningful to me: people. My advice falls across the board — but it all comes back to one truth. The quality of the humans… Read more »

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Nansplaining #3: It’s a Weeper

Unless you’re a little girl, people generally aren’t forgiving if you cry. Especially at work. But I cried recently at a work meeting, and then I ugly cried. “Why?” you ask? It has to do with vulnerability, but not in the way you expect. I’m here to tell you all about it.

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